Sunday, December 14, 2014

The Pursuit of Passion and Painting

Painting is hard! And so are those inner critics. They go for your soft spot and tell you things like "You suck, why bother!"

In the midst of these voices, I received an email from Materese Roche who is a gifted artist from Bucks County who happened to fall in love with Truman . She purchased him and wrote me later. I am sharing a portion below. 

 "Truman is proudly hanging in my kitchen (away from the stove, etc.) he is stunning and I smile every time I look at him.  
I hate pastel - both as a medium to work with and 99% of what I see - meh . . .  I also really don’t like animal art.  But YOUR work is in a league of it’s own.  I don’t say that lightly nor am I giving false praise in any manner.  You have a beautiful talent, and I will call you an artist - you are more than a painter - you have the gift.  "

I think it is a good time to stop listening to the gremlins! I wonder how many of us doubt ourselves.

By the way, high quality giclees of Truman are available from North Penn Art  

18 x18
Pastel on paper


  1. I must agree with Materese. The reason I subscribed to your blog is 'cuz I think/feel you are outstanding. You have made me very envious 'cuz I know I will never reach your Level. Only wish you posted a little more often. Sometimes I need a little extra encouragement. Happy Holidays, Sue

  2. Wow...thank you. I paint just about every day but fall behind on taking the photos. Have a joyous holiday!

  3. Got to say I agree, I love your animals and instinctive color usage. It is a gift. Jealous of your loose work too.

  4. Very, very nice of you! Thank you once again, Nelvia!