Friday, April 10, 2015

How To Attract a Bull

This Hereford calf was probably about 2 months old when I met him at the local agricultural college in Bucks County. Calving begins in March and continues through April.
All of the cows are AI and the babies are descended from one bull. The Father of All Calves is very aloof, but perhaps he will succumb to my charms if I adhere to The Rules.

My tips on making yourself bovine bait : 

1. Wear neutral colored clothing. Yes, it's true that bulls and cows don't like bright colors
2  Don't take a shower the day of the visit
3  Skip the perfume or deodorant
4  Speak sweetly and softly while telling him that he's handsome 

I will reveal more how to's in a future post and write about my experience with  The Father of All Calves. 

Susan Williamson
6 x 6
Oil on board

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  1. Hahaha - too funny! And I just love your painting!!